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FAQ for MOKKOJI KOREA in Malaysia

2022. 10. 14


FAQ for MOKKOJI KOREA in Malaysia

1. Can I enter Exhibition & Experience areas without the concert ticket?

YES, OF COURSE. You can enter Exhibition & Experience areas ANYTIME for FREE even without a concert ticket and reservation.

The exhibition venue is open to anyone!

2. I am not from Malaysia or a resident of Malaysia. Can I still visit the exhibition venue or apply for the MOKKOJI CONCERT ticket?

YES, YOU CAN. MOKKOJI KOREA is always open to anyone! And also, you won’t get disadvantaged with ticketing just because you're a foreigner.

3. Can I apply simultaneously for many events? (Beauty Class and High-Five with K-POP artists, etc.)

Yes, you can. But please avoid applying many times for one event.

4. How can I register a concert ticket?

You can register on the TICKET page on MOKKOJI’s official website on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ticketing dates.

But please fill out the exact information while applying for the ticket.

We recommend that you make an account on the website in advance before the ticketing date.

5. Can I apply more than once for the ticketing?

Each person can only apply once per ticketing with one ID.

If you create multiple IDs and apply for a ticket, you may be disadvantaged when selecting the ticket winner.

However, you may apply again for 2nd and 3rd ticketing if you didn’t win the 1st ticketing.

6. How much is the MOKKOJI CONCERT ticket?

MOKKOJ CONCERT ticket is free. But you have to apply online for the ticketing on TICKETING DATES and win the ticketing lottery.

7. Is there any chance to get the MOKKOJI CONCERT ticket at the venue (offline)?

Yes, there are the opportunities to get a concert ticket by participating in several programs at the exhibition venue as well.

8. How many MOKKOJI CONCERT seats are there?

The total number of MOKKOJI CONCERT seats is about 3,000.

9. My name cannot be registered while applying for the ticket. What should I do?

Try changing the name of your account information to your full name same as your identification card (E.g. passport, driver's license and student ID, etc.)

and try it again.

10. I filled out wrong information while applying for the ticket. Can I modify it?

The information submitted when applying for the ticket cannot be modified.

11. I won the voucher for MOKKOJI CONCERT. What should I bring to the ticket booth?

You need to bring the voucher (or printed voucher), and an identification card that can identify you (E.g. passport, driver's license and student ID, etc.).

12. How can I get the front-row seat for the MOKKOJI CONCERT?

The concert seats are arranged on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The opening hour of the ticket booth is 12 NOV (Sat) 10AM - 6PM, 13 NOV (Sun) 10AM - 4PM (MYT).

13. Can I delete the account and rejoin the website with the same email?

Yes, You can rejoin the 2022 MOKKOJI KOREA website with the same email that you withdrew from.