Mokkoji Korea

MOKKOJI KOREA is the Global Hallyu Mega Event started in 2020, hosted by MCST (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) and organized by KOFICE (Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange).
MOKKOJI is a Korean term which contains the meaning of “gathering for party and play”

Based on the ripple effect of K-Lifestyle contents and connection linked to the consumer goods industry, MOKKOJI KOREA aimed to be held in 3 next-Hallyu key Countries annually with Inter-Cultural performance, K-Lifestyle exhibition, and Goods market.

However, due to the Global Pandemic caused by Covid-19, MOKKOJI KOREA found a new way to meet the passion and love of the Hallyu fans all over the world.

For the year of 2020, MOKKOJI KOREA took place on an interactive online platform, which providing more than 100 videos such as K-pop artists’ interactive live talk shows, K-Culture videos by the international youtubers based in Korea, and introducing newbie youtubers.
This new platform became a venue for Hallyu fans to entertain.

On the MOKKOJI KOREA online platform, K-pop artists kicked off the fan challenges to trigger
the fan’s participation. We also provided Hallyu related web games and quizzes for viewers to get the chance to win the various presents.

Also, MOKKOJI KOREA selected 3 Focus-Countries to run the exclusive events for the fans to experience who are based in those countries. These 3 Focus-Countries of MOKKOJI KOREA 2020 were Kazakhstan, Myanmar and Philippines.

Along with the K-pop artists’ online fan-meetings only for the 3 Focus-Countries, special video contents and Korean consumer goods online exhibition were also released on the 3 Focus-Countries’ special page.

Despite this Covid-19 situation, MOKKOJI KOREA will respond to the greater interests of Hallyu fans and K-Lifestyle, and reach out to Global Hallyu fans faster than ever.

Would you like to share your own K-Lifestyle that you have in your daily life?

Mokkoji Korea will be back in the summer of 2021 presenting much diverse and more informative contents. See you soon!