Privacy Policy

Mokkoji Korea establishes and discloses Personal Information Management Policies by Article 30 of the Personal Information Protection Act, protects the personal information of a subject of information, and handles that grievances related to this matter can be dealt with quickly smoothly as follows:
1. Collection and Retention of Personal Information A. Mokkoji Korea collects and retains personal information only with the consent of a subject of information and with the provisions of Acts and subordinate statutes. The main personal information files collect and retain by Mokkoji Korea, which is based on the provisions of Acts and subordinate statutes as follows:

· Collected by: Mokkoji Korea Website
· Required Information: Name, Region, date of birth, address, email address, phone number, and password
· Purpose of Retention: Signing up and Sending a newsletter
· Basis of Retention: Terms of service and consent of a subject of information
· Period of Retention: two (2) years (Delete the information immediately upon rejection of the letter.)

B. Automatically Saved And Collected Information When Using The Website
The following information is automatically collected and saved for statistical analysis to improve and supplement the website and provide seamless communication between users and websites.

- The IP Address of users' domain, cookies, service usage, and date of the visit may be generated and collected during service use.
- Users’ browser type and OS.

C. Storing of Information Under Relevant Acts
If it is necessary to store the users' information under relevant Acts, the information shall be kept for a certain period as prescribed by the rules made under the relevant Acts. In this case, the stored information is used only for storage.

D. Inquiries Regarding Personal Information
· Mokkoji Korea CS Team (Contact: +82-2-3445-3970,

Mokkoji Korea strives to ensure the safe management of user personal information required by the relevant Acts, for it shall not be infringed the rights and interests. However, please note that it be partially disclosed following the relevant Acts.
2. Use · Provision of Personal Information A. Third-Party Provisions
Mokkoji Korea does not use and provide users' prior personal information to any third party beyond the notification or consent; however, Mokkoji Korea shall provide no personal information unless demanded by applicable Acts or the other Acts.

B. Entrustment of Personal Information
Cases when personal information managed by Mokkoji Korea is entrusted to other public institutions or other specialized institutions: Mokkoji Korea supervises and monitors the entrusted institutions to abide by Article 26 of the Personal Information Protection Act (Restrictions on Management of Personal Information Following Entrustment of Affairs). Moreover, the entrusted institutions must comply with the restrictions or procedures necessary under relevant Acts.
Mokkoji Korea entrusts the current state of affairs of some personal information based on the Acts mentioned above and other cases law as follows:

· Entrusted Company: TRUE COMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD.
· Personal Information List for Entrustment: User ID, password, name, address, mobile phone number, email address, date of birth, and country.
· Entrusted Operations (Purpose of consignment work): Website maintenance management and operation, including emailing service.
· Retention and Usage Period of Personal Information: Until the member withdraws membership or the entrustment agreement term has expired.

C. Restrictions on Service Use and Provision
The personal information which Mokkoji Korea retained and collected, being restricted for usage and provision under strict control.
[Personal Information Protection Act] Article 18 (Restrictions on Use and Provision of Personal Information for Any Purpose Other than Intended Ones) stipulates the following about exceptions.

1. Where he/she has obtained separate consent of a subject of information;
2. Where special provisions exist in any other Act;
3. Where it is deemed obviously necessary for physical safety and property interests of a subject of information or a third person when the subject of information or his/her legal representative cannot give prior consent as he/she is unable to express his/her intention or by reason of his/her unidentified address, etc.;
4. Where personal information is necessary for compiling statistics, or scientific research purposes, etc., and the personal information is provided in a form by which a specific individual cannot be identified;
5. Where using personal information for any purpose other than the intended purpose or a failure to provide a third person with such information makes it impossible to perform affairs provided for in any other Act, and this has undergone deliberation and resolution by the Protection Committee;
6. Where it is necessary for providing a foreign government or international organization with personal information in order to implement a treaty or any other international agreement;
7. Where it is necessary for investigating a crime, and instituting and sustaining a public prosecution;
8. Where it is necessary for a court to perform its judicial affairs;
9. Where it is necessary for executing a punishment, care, and custody or protective disposition.
3. Destruction of Personal Information The users’ personal information is to be destroyed immediately once the purpose of the collection and use of personal information is fulfilled. Mokkoji Korea's procedure and method of destruction are as follows:

A. Procedure of Destruction
- The information entered by the user for Signing up is immediately destroyed to an un-restorable state once the purpose is fully served following the reason for information protection by internal policy and other related relevant Acts..
- This personal information is not used for any purpose other than to be retained except by Acts.

B. The Method of Destruction
- Personal information printed on paper is destroyed through Paper Shredding or Incineration
- Personal information stored in an electronic file is deleted using a technical method that cannot be replayed.
4. Rights of Subjects of Information [Personal Information Protection Act] According to Chapter V: Guaranteeing rights of Subjects of Information, a subject of the information has the following rights about personal information processing.

1. Inspection of Personal Information
2. Correction or Deletion of Personal Information
3. Suspension, etc. from Managing Personal Information
4. Methods and Procedures of Exercising Rights
5. Liability to Compensate for Damage
5. Request for Inspection, Correction, Deletion, and Suspension of Personal Information [Personal Information Protection Act] According to Article 35 (Inspection of Personal Information), Article 36 (Correction or Deletion of Personal Information), Article 37 (Suspension, etc. from Managing Personal Information), a subject of information may request the inspection, correction, deletion, and suspension retained by Mokkoji Korea.
· Department: Mokkoji Korea CS Team

A. Inspection of Personal Information
Personal information files retained by Mokkoji Korea may be requested to inspection only by oneself as prescribed by the Personal Information Protection Act and the Rules made under the relevant Acts and, and the procedure of request as follows:
  • REQUEST: A Claimant
    (A Subject of Information)
    Enforcement and Inspections
  • Request following by a formSend notification of decision within 5 daysAfter receipt of a request within 10 days
  • Head Chief of Institution
- However, the following matters may be restricted to inspection according to Article 35 (Inspection of Personal Information) (4) of the Acts:

1. Where an inspection is prohibited or restricted by Acts;
2. Where it is apprehended that any third person's life and body may be harmed, or any third person's property and other interests may be unduly infringed on;
3. Where a public institution causes any inconvenience while carrying out any of the following affairs:

(a) Affairs concerning the imposition, collection, or refund of taxes;
(b) Affairs concerning grade evaluation or the selection of newly enrolled students at schools of each level under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and the Higher Education Act, lifelong education centers under the Lifelong Education Act, and other higher education institutions established under other Acts;
(c) Affairs concerning tests of academic ability, functions and employment, and qualification evaluation;
(d) Affairs concerning an assessment or decision in progress in connection with the calculation, etc. of compensation or benefits;
(e) Affairs concerning an audit and an investigation in progress under other Acts.
  • REQUEST: A Claimant
    (A Subject of Information)
  • Request following by a formSend notification of correction within 10 days
  • Head Chief of Institution
6. Report for Personal Information Breach Where the case of violation or breach caused by the collection, usage, provision, and entrustment of personal information that either is not based on Acts or without the consent from a subject of the information, while using Mokkoji Korea Website, or if it is found the rights of a subject of information could be violated such as the possibility of leakage of personal information, you can report it in the following way.
  • Report the InfringementReport through Website or Visit(Applicable Institution)
  • Investigate of InfringementConfirmation of infringement Visitation of infringement Institution and Go through documentary examination(Registers' Book of infringement)
  • Get solvedGet solved and take a measure(Report of a measure)
  • Result NotificationNotification to reporter and Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs(Report of a result Notification)
Otherwise, you can report to the following Report Center for Personal Information Breach operated by the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs under Article 62 (Reporting, etc. Facts of Infringements) of the Personal Information Protection Act.

- KISA Report Center for Personal Information Breach (, Contact: 118)
7. Measure for Securing The Safety of Personal Information In handling users' personal information, Mokkoji Korea is proactive in the following technical/administrative measures to secure the safety, so that it is not a loss, theft, leakage, falsification, and damage to personal information.

A. Password Is Being Encrypted.
Users' passwords are encrypted and stored and managed; therefore, only the user can know the password. It is also possible to change and verify personal information only by the user who knows the password.

B. Countermeasure Against Hacking, etc.
Mokkoji Korea is trying our best to prevent users' personal information from being leaked and damaged through acts of hacking or computer viruses.
Personal information is frequently back up regularly as preemptive measures against potential damage to personal information, while the latest vaccine programs are used to prevent such leakage or damage. We are trying to transmit personal information safely via the network through the encoded communications system. Furthermore, we also use firewall systems to control unauthorized access from the external network, and we strive to be equipped with technical devices to ensure security in other systems.

C. Employees That Trained Handle Personal Information Are Kept to A Minimum.
Employees who handle personal information in Mokkoji Korea have designated and limited those in charge of the Responsible Manager and administer the password is regularly updated. Mokkoji Korea continuously stresses that protecting personal information following Mokkoji Korea's Privacy Policy is its utmost priority by training employees who handle personal information regularly.

D. Operates A Separate Organization
Mokkoji Korea frequently checks the Privacy Policy's implementation and compliance with the person in charge and strives to correct and correct if any problems are found. However, Mokkoji Korea shall not be held responsible for any problems caused by the leakage of personal information such as user ID and password due to the users’ carelessness or internet problems.
8. Method Of Remedy For Infringement Of Rights And Interests A subject of personal information can inquire about damage remedy and counseling regarding personal information infringement. The following institution below is separate from Mokkoji Korea, so please contact us if you are not satisfied with Mokkoji Korea's own personal information complaint handling, damage remedy results, or need more help.

KISA Report Center for Personal Information Breach: Report of personal information infringement and request for consultation
· Website address: (Contact: Toll-free 118)
· Address: (05717) KISA Report Center for Personal Information Breach, 135, Jungdae-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

KOPICO The Korean Pinnacle Correspondence: Request for Personal Information Dispute Mediation, Collective Dispute Resolution (Settle only civil case)
· Website address: (Contact: 02-405-4710)
· Address: (05717) KOPICO, 135, Jungdae-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Cyber Crime Investigation, Supreme Prosecutors' Office
· Website address: (Contact: Toll free 1301)

Cyber Terror Response Center, National Police Agency
· Website address: (Contact: Toll free 182)
9. Chief Privacy Officer & Responsible Personnel Mokkoji Korea Privacy Protection Officer: Administrative Control Manager / Website Master
- Email:
- Contact : +82-2-3445-3970 FAX : +82-2-3445-7023
- Address: B-216, DMC High-tech Industry Center, 330, Seongam-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 03920 Rep. of KOREA
10. Amendment to the Privacy Policy A. This Privacy Policy shall take effect from 2020. 10. 20.